Triathlon Training camps in Cyprus

All year round warm weather conditions in Cyprus make the island a paradise for all triathlon enthusiasts looking for a comprehensive triathlon training destination where they could better their swimming, cycling or running skills.

If swimming is the part of your triathlon training camp that you are mostly worried about, any of the 5, 50m open air pools on the island are available for use. One of the 50m open air pools, the Coral Olympic pool, has accommodated so far by many National and club level teams.

Additionally the islands tranquil natural bays and relatively warm waters between 16 – 26oC are a great treat to all triathletes wishing to add to their triathlon training camp open water swimming sessions.

Surprisingly for the size of the island there are innumerous possibilities for cycling sport training and cyclists can choose from a wide variety of picturesque cycling routes ranging from long straights to steep up hills, and from off-road cycling trails to very well surfaced tarmac cycling routes. Loops ranging from 30 to 200 km on quiet roads and the dramatic and often change of landscapes are a big plus and will make cycling a most enjoyable part of your triathlon training camp.

Since running, is an integral part of any triathlon training camp and part of the program, can be practiced either on the innumerous fields as the island is very sparsely populated and there are many areas adequate for running or in one of the many stadiums around the island where running can be exercised.

As a matter of reference a variety of triathlon teams including the British Triathlon Olympic team, the British Triathlon Junior team, SIS triathlon team, the German Elite Triathlon team as well as various other triathlon clubs have chosen to come to Cyprus for their training camps with Arena sports .

ARENA has the experience, knowhow and highly trained staff to assist you with your sports travel requirements so that you can put together a well-organized triathlon training camp. ARENA’s Sports long experience of the tourism industry on the island is a guarantee of the best value for money arrangements when it comes to accommodation, training, transfers, car hires or any other travel related services.

Cycling Routes and Distances