Cycling Training camps in Cyprus

All year round warm weather conditions, safe road cycling ranging from country lanes to main routes, and exhilarating Mountain Biking ranging from long off road routes to steep forest paths, make Cyprus a heaven for cyclists and this is exactly why the island has taken off as a destination both for cycling training camps and cycling holidays during the last few years.

The Cyprus Tourism Organization and Forestry Department have created over 70 paths and trails all over the island. The paths cover areas rich in vegetation and of cultural interest. Most trails are circular routes and have been devised so that all age groups can enjoy them.

The innumerous possibilities for cycling sports training, as well as for recreational cycling on picturesque loops ranging from 30 to 200 km, complemented by the dramatic and alternating landscapes is what also attracted the British Cycling Olympic teams (road, mountain, track), the Dutch Mountain Biking team and a variety of other cycling teams and groups to come Cyprus with Arena sports for cycling training camps.

ARENA has the experience, knowhow and highly trained staff to assist you with your sports travel requirements so that you can put together a well-organized cycling training camp. ARENA’s Sports long experience of the tourism industry on the island is a guarantee of the best value for money arrangements when it comes to accommodation, training, transfers, car hires or any other travel related services.