Basketball Training in Cyprus

ARENA Sports having worked closely with a wide variety of sports to help them organize their warm weather training camps on the island, has developed the knowledge and expertise to handle any sports team at any level for which facilities are available on the island, and in Cyprus there are plenty of excellent facilities for basketball training. Furthermore, basketball on the island is at good levels, and therefore friendly games with local basketball teams and basketball clubs can be pre-arranged.

On the training facilities & venues front, Arena’s sports pioneering
involvement during the past years with the development of sports tourism on the island for a variety of sports wishing to hold their sports training camps in Cyprus has gained us an excellent reputation with sports bodies, local authorities as well as basketball clubs and teams and finally private companies who own and run training facilities and gyms adequate for basketball training camps on the island. As a result of this you can feel safe that your bookings will be respected and treated in the best possible way by our partners.

ARENA has the experience, knowhow and highly trained staff to assist you with your sports travel requirements so that you can put together a well-organized basketball training camp. ARENA’s Sports long experience of the tourism industry on the island is a guarantee of the best value for money arrangements when it comes to accommodation, training, transfers, car hires or any other travel related services.