Akamas Mountain Bike Challenge

Akamas Mountain Bike Challenge 06-07/09

The Akamas Mountain Bike Challenge 2014 will take place 06 – 07 September 2014 in the Akamas Peninsula.

Akamas is situated at the westernmost point of Cyprus. The Peninsula is a rugged thumb-shaped strip of land crisscrossed by rocky hiking trails. It is the easternmost point of the three major flora zones of Europe, and the number of plant species found here runs up to 600, of which 35 are endemic. The variety of fauna is also impressive: 168 bird species, 12 mammals, 20 reptiles and butterfly species of which the endemic Glaucopsyche Pafos butterfly is said to be the symbol of the area. From the various Trails hikers have spectacular views of rock formations, limestone outcroppings, cliffs and boulders sculpted into odd shapes suspended in the sea. According to one version, the area took its name from the Greek mythological hero Akamas, son of Theseus who came to Cyprus after the Trojan War and founded Akamantis. Akamas was also the place where Aphrodite and Adonis had their love trysts. It is an area of incomparable natural beauty. Almost all the geological formations found on the island are present in the area. Akamas is ideal for walking, running, cycling, swimming, diving, fishing, exploring, cruising on small craft, and bird watching.

Akamas peninsula is an area ideal for Mountainbiking.

Participation: The event is open to all cycling categories so anyone who would like to combine nature, sports and a holiday with the highlight of their stay the Akamas Nature Reserve Park will have an unforgetable stay.

Registration (pick up of timing chips / race packs) at the Coral Beach Hotel:

05/09 Friday 16:00 – 18:00

06/09 Saturday 09:00 – 11:00 and 16:00 – 18:00

07/09 Sunday 07:00 – 08:00